There are a few technical terms as well as a few definitions that one needs to know about web hosting. Some of them are given as below:

.com : Simply a name of the domain that is used and utilized by several commercial enterprises

Address : The identifier of the web page and URL or rather the Uniformed Resource Locator is usually utilized to gain this particular purpose.

Apache : An open source of HTTP Web server software and as per the Netcraft survey this happens to be one of the most currently popular web servers found on the Internet. Apache generally runs on the Unix operating systems like Linux or even BSD and can also run on the Windows. This is a fully featured server that has a lot of strong services that all can be added for free anytime the concerned person wants. The prime competitor of the Apache is IIS developed by Microsoft.

Archive : These are simply larger versions of files that generally contain priceless data and these archives are generally compressed so as to save disk space. ASP-Its unabbreviated form is the Active Server Pages and is developed by Microsoft. Usually an active ASP has an .asp extension and it gels well with HTML as well as with the code of scripting which can be aptly sort of written down in JScript.

Backbone : is nothing but a network connection that has a high speed and is usually operated by several well known and famous companies that deal with telecommunications namely Sprint and AT&T.

Bandwidth : is yet another important term that needs to be understood completely. This refers to the amount of data which can be aptly transferred over the network during a certain period of time. This period of time is usually fixed. The bandwidth is expressed in Mbps or bps over the Internet.

C/C++ : Well known language programs, which are generally used to create a few programs that run after a particular compilation.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) : This is a particular style sheet that is used to determine about the HTML document that is displayed by the browser. The latest version of CSS is the version 2 and that is CSS2.

Certificate : This is the digitized id that is used particularly for SSL transactions and includes the owner's name, expiration date and even the hostname.

CGI : This is the Common Gateway Interface and is a standard for several interfaces of the web servers and a CGI program can also been written in any programming language like C++ or Perl.

ColdFusion : Generally a user friendly server side language for scripting that has been made by Allaire.

CPU : The Central Processing Unit is the single most important part of a computer.

Data transfer : Takes place in Web hosting in which the complete size of the files that are transferred through an account within a period of a month.

FTP : Is the synonym for File Transfer Protocol and this defines how to download as well as upload several files between FTP servers and clients.
InterNIC- is the particular organization which handles all the registrations for the domain names.

Intranet : happens to be a part of a particular organization's network which is kept secretive as well as private. A particular bunch of selected authorized individuals only have the right to the intranet. Apart from this little fact, the functions an intranet are pretty much similar to the Internet and it offers all the same services as well as usages by the same protocols.

IP Address or the Internet Protocol Address : happens to be a unique number that has the power to identify each and every device that is duly connected to an Internet source. This number in question is generally shown in many groups of numbers that range from 0 to 255 and these numbers are usually separated from each other by many periods. The set of numbers with their periods like can be cited as a good example.

Java : happens to be Sun's most popular programming language and this is absolutely independent from the platform. Java also happens to be crash-protected and is an object-oriented language which is utilized to write applets running in a browser.

JSP or the Java Server Pages : are mere extensions of the entire Java Servlet technology that aptly combines the Java server-side programs as well as the HTML and the JSP pages have an extension of the .jsp.

LAN : Local Area Network is nothing but a collection of many networks of devices that occupy a small and designated area

Linux : A Linux happens to be an operating system that has many UNIX-like features and was developed by Linus Torvalds.

PHP : is a completely free and open-source scripting language and a PHP code can also be aptly embedded in HTML.

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