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JUN 2013

TOP 10 unlimited web hosts
low cost vps web hosting provider running on linux
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$9.95/mo. or
1YR = $59
2YR = $95
3YR = $142
well known VPS hosting provider
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$7.16/mo. or
1YR = $67
2YR = $114
3YR = $142
Popular VPS host powered by windows
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$7.95/mo. or
YR = $58
2YR = $125
3YR = $190
lunarpages now also offer VPS hosting services
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1YR = $107
2YR = $167
5YR = $297
Godaddy is a major player in the VPS hosting business
[ read ]
1YR = $48
2YR = $84
3YR = $108
Virtual Private Server at its best at midphase
[ read ]
1YR = $71
2YR = $71
3YR = $106
[ read ]
$4.95/mo. or
YR = $59
2YR = $119

Cheap Virtual Private Server Hosting - Best VPS Web Hosts

Virtual private server or VPS plans are more or less the same as a dedicated server plan with the exception that you share your resources with other persons in the same server. VPS hosting plans are good for online stores and other kind of websites that need much more resources than a simple blog, but they do not need as many resources as something needing a dedicated server plan.

In all our cheap vps plans, you will get the same, a good customer support, an outstanding uptime and of course a guarantee of satisfaction. All our vps hosts are more or less the same, this is why we make here a good review of all of them, so that you can get the smaller differences and decide for one or another. When you come to topunlimited.com you can be sure of something, all the hosting providers you can find are for sure the cheapest vps providers on the internet, because we spend a lot of time to research the best virtual private server plans for you. Any virtual private server plan will be good for you, but we want you to have options.

Why to decide for a virtual private server plan instead of a cheaper web hosting plan like an unlimited hosting plan? It is all up to you, but normally this is done for websites needing more resources like for example online stores. Online stores using Zencart for example, use a lot of resources and if you host an online store on an unlimited web hosting plan, it is likely to be slow or you may exceed the resources of the machine. This will make your customers to browse your store slowly and we all know what does means, customers will be bored and leave and you will lose a sale. This is not likely to happen if you buy a VPS plan because you know exactly the resources you have, and even though a Virtual private server plan is still a shared plan, it is shared by less people and then, your online store will run smoothly.

If your store is really successful and you get like 50.000 customers per day, then probably you will need to give up your vps hosting plan and move to a dedicated server, but if you have such an amount of customers you will not care too much about hosting your online store in a more expensive plan, right? You can host your online store in an unlimited hosting plan, but it will not be as smooth as a virtual private server hosting plan, and the difference between an unlimited web hosting plan and an vps hosting plan is not usually more than $15 per month. If you lose only one sale due to the slowness of your website, you have lost more money than paying your cheap vps server so, do not be a dummy and if you plan to sell in a professional way, get the professional’s choice and move to a cheap vps hosting plan.

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