BlueHost Web Host Review

What do BlueHost and HostMonster have in common? Actually these two web hosting providers are 'sibling companies' which have been in operation since 1996. When you check out the online reviews of the top web hosting companies in the Internet today, these two are always listed as among the top 10.

However, we will focus our attention on just one company which is none other than BlueHost. The thrust of their campaign as a web hosting provider is to offer customers affordable and reliable web hosting solutions.

The headquarters and data center of BlueHost is located in Salt Lake Utah and they are now serving as host to more than 800,000 domains. You can just imagine how satisfied their clients are for the number of the websites that they host to have reached this much.

So how does BlueHost measure up in terms of the web hosting packages that they offer? They are actually one of the few companies which have a one-plan-price philosophy so that you don't need to be confused when selecting out of the numerous packages offered by other providers.

At a very low monthly fee, you will get unlimited bandwidth and disk space, unlimited add-on domains, Fantastico scripts and a wide array of popular features that will allow you to maximize the potential of your website. Aside from the low-priced, feature-packed web hosting plan, there are no hidden costs involved and the domain is already included with the package.

The best way to measure just how reliable a web hosting company is would be to check on the quality of data center that they have. Basically, BlueHost has a maximum uptime guarantee for the web hosting services that they offer. To ensure that their services are extremely reliable, the company employs a top-notch data center which utilizes Quad Opteron servers.

Part of their quest to provide maximum uptime for the sites that they host is the UPS power back up system that they have, as well as the 24/7 monitoring that they conduct to ensure that there will hardly be any downtime.

Customer Support:
Just like their sibling company HostMonster, BlueHost takes pride in the fact that they specialize in offering excellent support to their customers. Should you have any questions, inquiries or problems about the service that needs to be resolved, you can get in touch with them through e-mail, live chat, phone support or fax.

Control Panel:
Next, let us check on the control panel used by BlueHost. To make sure that the web administrators can easily tinker with the site itself, they utilized the ever-popular cPanel control panel. This makes it easy for a site administrator to configure e-mail accounts and do pretty much everything else that needs to be done to ensure a smooth-sailing operation for a website.

When it comes to web hosting, 800,000 customers can never go wrong. When you take advantage of the web hosting services offered by BlueHost, you can get all the features that you need from a web hosting package; you can rest assured that the site will be up because of the reliable data center and equipment that they use; and you can expect to get excellent and responsive customer support on a 24/7 basis.

Price From $3.95 / month
Setup FREE
Money Back 30 Days
Stats YES
Shopping Cart YES
Emails 2,500
MYSQL 100 Databases
SSL Support YES
Backups DAILY
Control Panel cPanel
Phone Support YES, 24/7 !
Live Chat YES, 24/7 !
Email Support YES, 24/7 !

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